Ernesto "Nesti" Bajda

ernesto nesti bajda
"In my family, you always know that if someone starts to sing, something extraordinary has happened—it’s an involuntary reaction. So when I taste our wine and my first reaction is to sing, then I know we’ve created a masterpiece."
Ernesto "Nesti" Bajda


Ernesto (Nesti) Bajda started working in the Catena family’s vineyards in 2002. In 2005 he joined the research team to work on microvinifications to determine the best places in the family’s high-altitude vineyards. Now with more than a dozen vintages behind him, Nesti not only has expertise in research and vineyard management, but he also has a unique knowledge of the precision tools to identify variability in vineyards, which is what he believes are the key to achieving outstanding wines.

A graduate of the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo in Mendoza, Nesti earned his degree in Agricultural Engineering, with specializations in Viticulture and Oenology. Nesti regularly performs opera in a male octet. His favorite piece to perform is Una Furtiva Lagrima from Donizetti's “L'Elisir d'Amore.”